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Real Estate Agent
In the mid eighties a few different events led me to become a realtor. We were young parents and had just bought our first home. As a new stay at home mom, I thought the home buying process was not very enlightening nor exciting. I knew I could do better. So, my sense is that clients want as much attention as they expect. Everyone's needs are different...how they want to be communicated with by phone, email or text etc. It is my job to understand this and to set up expectations. Buyers and sellers are varied in their approach to buying or selling...this is what makes my job so interesting. Every transaction is unique. I enjoy meeting people and find that I have some ability to connect and communicate. People resonate with my humor and diligent preparation of market information. I am interested in meeting/exceeding their expectations. The rewards are repeat and referral business that I have built up over the years. Of course there are some surprises that are not pleasant, My approach when such difficulties arise is to hear what the client feels upset about and try to calm the waters. I have learned to navigate as best I can trying to focus on my duties and fiduciary responsibilities. Like many other people, my values are based on examples set by my parents...be industrious, follow up, care for others, do the right thing. Be quick to apologize. Be steady and even handed. I am extremely grateful to the family I grew up in where education and service were emphasized. As long as I continue to communicate or try to anticipate and set up expectations, clients are usually able to deal with the results. In setting up systems, steps expected by the buyer or seller have been helpful for clarity. My strengths are in being diligent and dutiful. It is always the process, not just the end result. I believe strongly that treating people with professionalism and empathy is critical. This is a service industry and I believe that is what I am ultimately valued on. This extends not to just buyers and sellers but to all the others involved in transactions...colleagues, title staff, lenders, etc. The golden rule works best!

Veena Bhupali

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